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brand strategy for MODERN ENTREPRENEURS


Create an unforgettable brand to inspire and move your audience.


It’s time to wake your brand up to the ways of the modern world. No longer can you sit in an office, pinpoint a demographic you want to target and bombard them with traditional marketing and advertising. Today’s consumers are savvy. They want to experience brands in a genuine way.

Your job as a modern marketer is to focus on what’s real and find the emotional connection points with your audience. BRANDPOLISH CO. specializes in brand strategy that helps you inspire your audience, earn their trust and over-deliver on expectations so you can create a loyal following who believes in your brand as much as you do. Ready to take action and create impact? 


I’m Hilary

I educate and consult with modern entrepreneurs and visionary business leaders to develop, reinvent and polish their brands to increase engagement, impact and growth. As an Immersive Brand Strategist, my approach includes compelling storytelling, strategic messaging and unforgettable experiences for your ideal clients. It’s about building a real connection and fostering strong relationships to propel your business forward with an engaged community.

My experience and expertise in the world of marketing, branding, franchise building, creative content planning and production comes from my 15+ years I spent working as an executive at Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, a global brand with huge impact and raving fans worldwide. I’m now on a mission to help you grow your brand the right way.


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