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I founded BRANDPOLISH CO. with a clear vision in mind: empowering entrepreneurs and business leaders to do work that inspires them and their audiences by building intentional and impactful brands. I believe inspired people do their best work, and that work can change the world.

This is a brand consultancy created for you; providing inspiration, clarity and strategic, creative solutions for crafting well-made brands. Branding done right is like a welcome mat for your audience so they know finding you, they’re home.

Inside My Journey,
Mission & Heart

I offer top-notch education and consulting through my branding workshops, resources, and 1:1 premier services to help people like you breathe life into your business with a brand that captivates your audience.

To captivate, you must inspire.
To inspire, you must state your Why.

Have you tried to do this for your brand but you can’t seem to articulate it well?

You’ve started a business, and are frustrated that you can’t craft messaging that shows your value and offerings in a concise and compelling way. Am I right?

Maybe you don’t know how to focus all your ideas or translate your vision into a strategy that resonates with your audience?

Or, are you stuck in a job or started your business simply to make money (a result you want, don’t get me wrong)...but it doesn’t yet fulfill the need for pursuing something that sets your heart on fire?

I know exactly what it feels like to
not love what you do…

This was me in my first two jobs out of college. I thought I had to “get a real job” and that meant a job to pay the rent. I didn’t last long at the ad agencies working on airplane, tech and political candidate brands.

I needed to be inspired by my work. So do you. And, it’s the same with the business you’re building and the brand you’re creating. In order to create a successful brand that people care about, you need to inspire them.

As Simon Sinek says, “People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it.”

My high school senior year quote was “If you can dream it, you can do it” from Walt Disney.

I chose it, because it inspired me to pursue the big audacious goals I had locked in my head. You know when you have a dream that when you say it out loud it just sounds plain crazy? Yep, I had those kinds of goals.

My dream was to work in the movie business alongside talented filmmakers, creatives, artists and executives. But, I didn’t dare say that dream out loud until AFTER I endured two jobs that bored me to tears.

You don’t have to wait that long to pursue what inspires you. Once you decide to go after work you love and declare it, things start to fall in place.

The help you need starts showing up, and that’s what happened to me when I made the move to LA to work at a major motion picture studio.


cue movie clip from pretty woman...

“Welcome to Hollywood! What’s your dream? This is Hollywood, land of dreams. Some dreams come true, some don’t, but keep on dreamin’!”

In my 15 year career at Disney marketing movies from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Touchstone and Dreamworks, I had the opportunity to be on many film sets.

But, I can still remember the first time I set foot on a movie set on the back lots of Universal Studios. It was a visceral experience being surrounded by a man-made world, with the heat of the lights on the soundstage and the sounds of the director yelling Action! and Cut! After 5 seconds of trying to play it cool, I just let my grin stretch from ear to ear...inspiration delivered. And, I was hooked.

My experience and expertise in the world of marketing and branding came from working to over-deliver on expectations and deliver unforgettable experiences for the fiercely loyal fans of all the films I worked on (over 250, yep, I counted).

Additionally, I was responsible for helping attract new audiences to expand these global brands. When I discovered I hit my ceiling and I’d gone as far as I could at Disney, I knew..


I was ready to start my own dream business while helping others create theirs.

Hundreds of entrepreneurs and business leaders have gained brand clarity in working with me, and that propels me on my mission to help even more.

And if you think I began my business as a huge success, branded perfectly, right out of the gate, you’d be wrong. I made all the mistakes new and seasoned entrepreneurs can make:

• I offered too many things at the beginning, not positioning myself to be known for one thing

• I spent too much time trying to create my own website rather than hiring an expert

• I didn’t know how to clearly articulate my brand value & offerings in a concise way

Why did I have this trouble as a branding expert? Because...

It’s 10x harder trying to define your own brand... seeing your own value can take time.

I worked at it, and got it right. So can you. I work with a lot of brilliant people, and asking for help in something you can’t clearly see yourself is a genius move.

I’m ready and waiting to serve you; to help you polish your brand and become 100% clear in telling your brand story to captivate your audience. If you want to get started now, check out my Free Guide, “BRAND MESSAGING MADE EASY.”

Or, jump straight into the juicy stuff and check out my services and all the ways we can work together!


My Official Bio 

After spending 15 years marketing movies from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Touchstone and Dreamworks, helping launch multi-million & billion-dollar franchises, and managing global brands with fiercely loyal fans, Hilary Hartling is known as an expert in growing and leveraging strategic brands.

Hilary made the leap from corporate to founding BRANDPOLISH CO., a brand consultancy, to apply her experience in helping others create inspired brands with positive impact. She’s on a mission to help Visionary Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders move their audiences by refining their brands to create powerful engagement and intentional growth.


we believe that quality counts

Raise the bar and your expectations for the kind of brand you’ll be known for; people appreciate quality and will seek out your business if you demonstrate it.