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1:1 BRANDPOLISH Consulting

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Your brand, polished for greatness

this is your chance to get to know your brand better

Don’t rush… introduce yourself to your business, greet your audience, welcome feedback, and say hello to strategy. Spend some time understanding those special nuances that create a lasting authentic connection.

Pay attention to the genuine excitement you and others have for your brand and articulate the reasons for its existence in the world.

Go slowly and savor the moment you and your brand really connect, so you can in turn invite your audience in to take a seat, stay awhile, and experience the full expression of what your brand brings to the party. 


Unlock your brand’s potential

This 8 Week BRANDPOLISH Program gives you the opportunity to spend quality time working with Hilary one-on-one to refine your brand and unlock the potential for real growth in your business.

Even successful businesses require additional brand clarity and a polished strategy to level up…all it takes is strategic planning based on your vision.


Building your brand, layer by layer


focus your vision

Understand the why behind your business, your bigger purpose and your brand values to share it with your audience. It will enhance your connection & deepen your impact.


identify your audience

Know your audience. Not a make-believe client avatar, but real people with real ambitions and struggles. Your entire brand is built around how you position your business and communicate your value to your primary target audience.


clarify your message

Knowing what you do, who it’s for and the takeaways your ideal clients receive is one thing. Knowing how to say it in a concise, confident and compelling way is another. And, it’s essential in order to craft messaging that captivates your best clients.


position your work

Craft your expert positioning to build credibility and trust. Articulate your brand mission, what you believe in, and marketing taglines to inspire. Define your brand strategy first and allow your strategy to inform the design of your brand.


differentiate your offerings

A successful brand will speak to your customers’ greatest ambitions and give them the tools to make their desire a real possibility. Shape your programs & offerings with information and intention, and price them strategically because it affects your brand value perception.


tell your story

Storytelling is a powerful tool. Your voice & personality make it unique. It allows you to create an authentic narrative for your brand that connects emotionally with your audience, and helps them visualize what’s possible for them by working with you.



It’s all in the details

what you get

• BRANDPOLISH Welcome Packet including pre-work on your brand perception & goals

• Eight (8) 1-Hour Consulting Calls via Zoom video conference

• Downloadable worksheets to guide you through each step of refining your brand

• Laser coaching via email between our weekly calls

There’s something so compelling about a clear purpose and a confident message. Get ready to accelerate your brand by sharpening your focus, adding more value, and connecting with your audience’s ambitions.




The investment


(or, 2 payments of $2.250)


Build a brand you believe in. Build it on purpose. 

you are so ready


we believe in being clear over clever

Communicating clearly is essential to attracting your ideal clients and team members.