How To Polish Your Brand

BRANDPOLISH CO. Blog: How To Polish Your Brand

Are you looking to refine your brand and unlock the potential for real growth in your business?  It’s time to polish your brand, my friend!

Whether you’re a newer business starting fresh, or a seasoned entrepreneur with 5 years under your belt, your brand is evolving every step of the way.  It’s up to you to continuously gain additional brand clarity, fine-tune your strategy and tweak your messaging and offerings to serve your customers best.

Check out the 6 key steps in clarifying and polishing your brand, no matter where you are in your business journey…


Understand the why behind your business, your bigger purpose and your brand values to share it with your audience. It will enhance your connection & deepen your impact.


Know your audience. Not a make-believe client avatar, but real people with real ambitions and struggles. Your entire brand is built around how you position your business and communicate your value to your primary target audience.

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Knowing what you do, who it’s for and the takeaways your ideal clients receive is one thing. Knowing how to say it in a concise, confident and compelling way is another.  And, it’s essential in order to craft messaging that captivates your best clients.

If you’re feeling stuck with your messaging, check out another blog post I wrote, “The Distinction of Great Brand Messaging.”  I think you’ll like it!


Craft your expert positioning to build credibility and trust. Articulate your brand mission, what you believe in, and marketing taglines to inspire. Define your brand strategy first and allow your strategy to inform the design of your brand.


A successful brand will speak to your customers’ greatest ambitions and give them the tools to make their desire a real possibility.  Shape your programs & offerings with information and intention, and price them strategically because it affects your brand value perception.


Storytelling is a powerful tool. Your voice & personality make it unique.  It allows you to create an authentic narrative for your brand that connects emotionally with your audience, and helps them visualize what’s possible for them by working with you.

BRANDPOLISH CO. BLOG: 6 Steps To Clarify & Implement Your Brand Strategy

This framework is the overview of the work I do with clients who want to spend 8 weeks working with me 1-on-1 to clarify, refine and align their brands to take their business to the next level.  

I only choose to work with a certain number of 1-on-1 clients at a time and there’s an application process to be sure we’re the right fit to work together. Click here if you’d like to learn more and apply.

Otherwise, use these steps to polish your brand yourself. It’s totally do-able, and I believe in you and your brand!