5 Ways To Refresh Your Brand

BRANDPOLISH CO BLOG - 5 Ways To Refresh Your Brand

You've created your brand, intentionally and strategically.  You’re getting results.  Ideal clients are knocking on your virtual door and you’re inviting them in.  Things are going well with your business and your brand is growing, congratulations!

There will come a time where you’ll need to take a step back and reevaluate your brand in order to take it to the next level because your audience is always growing, as are you.  Refreshing your brand doesn’t mean an entire overhaul or full re-brand.  It simply means checking in to ensure your messaging, strategy, positioning and offerings are aligned with what your audience needs most.  It also means taking a look around at your competition so your competitive advantage is still positioning you correctly in the marketplace.

During your brand refresh, it’s also a great time to determine if you want to pivot in any way.  For example, you might start with a broader audience like Creative Entrepreneurs but decide in your evaluation and brand refresh work that your favorite creative entrepreneurs you’ve attracted over the last year were photographers.  That means doubling down and creating a specific niche serving photographers moving forward, requiring you to update your positioning and focusing your messaging to reach your new specific ideal client.

There are so many ways to begin the brand refresh process…I’ve listed 5 ways below to help you get started thinking about how you may want to go about it for your business.

BRANDPOLISH CO BLOG: Evaluate, Elevate & Evolve Your Brand



Check in with yourself as you look at what you’re currently offering for clients. Are YOU still happy doing what you need to do to offer these things?  Make sure that’s a YES, and if not, begin brainstorming ways you could turn this answer into a YES.


Are you attracting your ideal clients or people who really “don’t get” the value you offer?  There could be something out of alignment if you aren’t bringing in the right customers.  Find out if you’re serving them what they need wherever they are in their journey related to what your business does.


If you haven’t already written a vision statement for your brand, do that now.  It keeps you connected to the WHY of your business and not only brings you the energy you need to remain consistent with your mission and bigger purpose, but when you share your vision with your audience, you begin attracting more clients who believe what you do.


Crafting the right messaging is an ongoing process for your business.  It’s really marketing – saying the right thing at the right time to the right people.  This brand refresh tip can be paired with #2, checking in with your audience.  Listen to the words they’re using when they’re talking about wanting to work with you / buy from you / have an experience with you….use THEIR words in your brand messaging and your refresh will be a success!


Create fresh goals that align with the new set of eyes you’ve just put on your brand.  Pick one major thing you want to focus on for the next quarter, and also get clear on where you’d like to be in 1 year so you can start taking the steps necessary to get there.  Goals are powerful and keep you focused.  Be careful not to write a list of 20 goals that start to overwhelm you so you don’t start working on any of them.  Determine your 1-2 priority goals by asking yourself – what could I focus on right now that would have the most impact on growing my business while keeping my brand consistent?  

Start there…and let me know how it goes!  I’m in your corner, and am ready to support you and your brand if you ever are in the need for 1-on-1 help making it happen.